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We generated over

1.1 mln+

in revenue


qualified leads

11 mln

emails delivered


successful projects

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Challenges to dive in

  • Checkbox imageNo Repeatable Sales
  • Checkbox imageHigh Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Checkbox imageNot Enough Qualified and Warm Leads
  • Checkbox imageThe conversion rate is less than 1%
  • Checkbox imageManual Workflow with High Time Efforts

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Success stories

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Case Study #1

Montessori Furniture online store.
email revenue in 2 months
Project goal:

Goodevas had only configured standard flows and a simple campaign strategy that brought insufficient revenue.

Since the brand couldn't rely on typical strategies, we developed personalized product recommendations and a post-purchase strategy that would keep the brand's identity and the necessary profit margins.

Case Study #2

Small kids gifts online store based in France, Germany, Netherlands.
from $0 to $2k
email revenue in the first month
Project goal:

Get more Sales from email marketing with good ROAS and launch remarketing to return customers to the website. We started to grow Omnisend account from scratch, without Shopify integration.

Launched 16 flows to create a retention system and to create the ability to spend more on ads for exponential growth.

Case study image

Other projects

ads revenue for 4-5 months
Gifts online stores in Europe
ads revenue, ROMI +235%
Christmas trees big factory
ads revenue in 3 months
Music industry service
and more cases...
Other industries

Certifications and Partners

What people say about us

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We were impressed with their consistency and the good experience they provided

Emailix helped boost sales from emails by more than 80%. Their team impressed the client with their consistency and efficient project management.

Oleksiy Tsilyk, CEO at Goodevas
Card rating stars
They deliver results not just a process..

We generated over $50000 of revenue with this team for the last 4-5 months. Emailix has thus far yielded positive results for the e-commerce stores they handle. The team was easy to communicate with and quick to respond.

Eugene Agapov, CMO at E-Commerce Stores
Card rating stars
They have impressive knowledge in the industry.

Thank you Emailix's efforts, the agency is now saving a lot of time. The team's workflow is efficient.

Valeria Samborskaya, CEO at Business-Link

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How do we build a retention system that turns your leads into sales?

First month

Tab arrow rightStrategy meetings: We conduct detailed briefings and gather information to gain a deep understanding of your project, including your product, value proposition, and ideal customer profile (ICP).

Tab arrow rightEmail deliverability & account setup: We perform a thorough spam check-up, create new mailboxes, set them up, and initiate the process of warming them up.

Second month

Tab arrow rightSales Funnel Development / Retention Strategy visualization: we provide you with a clear map outlining how we can achieve top metrics and goals within 3-6 months.

Tab arrow rightDesigning the first campaigns (emails / messages / lead magnets) for the highest-priority segments to generate initial results.

Tab arrow rightCreating a detailed Retention Analytics dashboard to track and adjust results.

Ongoing month

Tab arrow rightDesign high-converting campaigns with A/B testing for each segment based on strategy and Sales Funnel.

Tab arrow rightConstant weekly spam check-ups and restore positive reputation in case of going to spam lists.

Tab arrow rightScale the system to achieve top-market metrics.

People who make your sales

Mariia Lo image
Mariia Lo. Co-Founder,
help you avoid spam folder
Dmytro Tymchenko image
Dmytro Tymchenko. Co-Founder,
knows how to sell a pen
Nazar Soroka image
Nazar Soroka,
makes magic like Harry Potter
Albina Kovalova image
Albina Kovalova
reply just before you ask
Yuliia Bazchenko image
Yuliia Bazchenko
Makes writing is like breathing